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  • Heidi Hamilton

    Heidi Hamilton View Profile

    Heidi Hamilton of the Heidi & Frank show is the girl next door who is just one of the guys. She's the kind of girl who can dress up and look like a lady on Saturday night but call her on Sunday morning and she'll help you move a couch too. Heidi thinks of Frank as an older brother who she loves, but would sometimes like to strangle. Heidi has a laugh that people either love or hate, but you can...

  • Jim Hamilton

    Jim Hamilton View Profile

    Jim Hamilton is the protagonist of "The Hamilton Patent Moon" by Hayden Carruth. Copyright law being what it is today, no portions of that story will be reprinted here. You can find it in the Harper's New Monthly Magazine from May of 1899. Actually, I don't think that's the same Jim Hamilton.

  • Ryan Hamilton

    Ryan Hamilton View Profile

    Ryan Hamilton is endearing comedy lovers, and his future is bright. Named one of Rolling Stone’s Five Comics to Watch with standout appearances on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Conan, The Late Late Show, Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central, and Showtime, he’s establishing himself as one of the country’s favorite stand-ups.   Ryan ha...

  • George Hamm

    George Hamm View Profile

    Comedian George Hamm is well known to Maine audiences as a frequent visitor to Portland’s Comedy Connection. Hamm has performed his comedy routines across the U.S. including the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the Improv in Los Angeles, The Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory in Hollywood and the Laugh Factory in Hawaii. In the past few years George has taken his act international, performing comedy t...

  • Kelly Hammack

    Kelly Hammack View Profile

  • Adam Hammer

    Adam Hammer View Profile

     A young So Cal native, Adam Hammer is currently touring the country as part of the Jo Koy tour. He has toured the country with Robert Schimmel as well as all by himself headlining clubs like Crackers, The Funnybone and Comedy Underground. His album “Almost Clean” debuted at number 20 on the iTunes comedy charts in May 2011. He was the voice of Frank the Penguin on the Good Luck C...

  • Karin Hammerberg

    Karin Hammerberg View Profile

  • Wendy Hammers

    Wendy Hammers View Profile

  • Darrell Hammond

    Darrell Hammond View Profile

    Actor/comedian Darrell Hammond fondly recalls his first taste of show business at age five practicing the impressions of his family members on the porch of their home in Melbourne Florida. It wasn’t many years later when Darrell realized he wanted to submerse himself in the pursuit of bringing his comedy and impressions to a much bigger stage. For years now, Hammond has brought to life a cav...

  • The Hamners

    The Hamners View Profile

    Co-Stars of the Hamner Barber Variety Show, Dave and Denise Hamner have headlined many major production shows around the world, presenting their award winning and original feats of magic. Venues include not only Las Vegas, Disneyland and Hollywood’s famous “Magic Castle” but also Branson where they starred in the productions Branson City All Star Revue and Magic of the Night which earned them mult...

  • Bone Hampton

    Bone Hampton View Profile

    As down home as collards and cornbread, as sharp as a pickaxe, and as funny as a possum in a petticoat, Comedian Bone Hampton is a master at making audiences feel like family. His clean, homespun humor, sharp wit, and easy delivery makes the Dove Award-winning “Comedian of the Year” one of the most highly sought after performers in the business.   With more than 20 years in the ...

  • Ray Hanania

    Ray Hanania View Profile

    Ray Hanania, a former Creators columnist who's now self-syndicated, is a Palestinian-American writer married to a Jewish woman. He writes about Mideast issues in an evenhanded way that makes him seem positively radical in a sea of columnists who back Israel almost unconditionally. Hanania's approach, as former President Jimmy Carter discovered with his latest book, is not popular with much of the ...

  • Luke Hanbury

    Luke Hanbury View Profile

  • Chelsea Handler

    Chelsea Handler View Profile

    Handler is one of the most exciting and successful figures in the entertainment industry as a stand up comedian, actress, bestselling author and perhaps most recognized as host of her late night show “Chelsea Lately.”  Her acting credits include films “Fun Size” opposite Johnny Knoxville, “Hop” with James Marsden and Russell Brand, and director McG’s ...

  • Brian Haner

    Brian Haner View Profile

    Best known as Guitar Guy from The Jeff Dunham Show, Brian Haner is that perfect combination of skilled guitar player and stand-up comedian. Brian was part of the largest comedy tour in the world while on the road with Jeff, seen live by over 2 million people. He was also part of the Jeff Dunham Christmas Special, the highest rated show in the history of Comedy Central, seen by 20 million people. W...

  • Justin Hanes

    Justin Hanes View Profile

    Justin is bewilderment to your senses. Beware of his comfortably dry wit, quadruple entendres, and hilarious subtlety because it leads to a nonstop roller coaster ride of comedy, interaction and magic, culminating with you laughing your goddamn face off. Justin is an award winning magician and comedian, as well as a past writer and creator for the best magicians in the world. You'll never see any...

  • Rob Haney

    Rob Haney View Profile

    Rob Haney uses gentle recognition humor about parents and kids delivered in a winning, warm manner – similar to Andy Rooney.  This stand-up comedian turns the trivialities of everyday life into the kind of humor that touches the common thread in all of us.  He laughs at life, but the audience is laughing the hardest. Rob has appeared with such stars as the Smothers Brothe...

  • Natasha Hanina

    Natasha Hanina View Profile

     She is best known for her wacky web series wacky web series “The British Jew With The Loose Screw” which she wrote, produced and starred in. Other credits include the short film “EGGXPECTING” as well as stand up performances at: ‘Stand Up NY’, ‘Don’t Tell Mama’, ‘The Gotham Comedy Club,’ ‘The Improv’, and &lsq...

  • Melissa Hank

    Melissa Hank View Profile

  • Zach Hanks

    Zach Hanks View Profile

    A cast member since 2008, Zach is a professional actor, voice talent & director. On TV, he's appeared in "Criminal Minds," & "Chuck". His film work includes "Come Away Home", "A True Story: In Memory of Zach Hanks", "Taste it All" and "My Sweet Misery". Zach's performed off-Broadway in "The Cherry Orchard Sequel" at La Mama, regionally in "Macbeth" at the Tony award-winning Utah Shakespearean Fest...

  • Bent Hanlen

    Bent Hanlen View Profile

  • Meghan Hanley

    Meghan Hanley View Profile

  • Mike Hanley

    Mike Hanley View Profile

  • Phil Hanley

    Phil Hanley View Profile

    Phil Hanley began standup comedy by performing at open mics around Vancouver, often in between bands at music venues.  In these establishments he discovered and honed his unique blending of material and crowd interaction that makes no two of his performances the same. Phil’s style can best be described as unpredictably reflective, delivered with sharp accuracy, and rooted in the gran...

  • Mikey Hann

    Mikey Hann View Profile

  • James Hannah

    James Hannah View Profile

  • Karine Hannah

    Karine Hannah View Profile

    Born in Montreal, Canada, and having started singing at age four, this diminutive combination of Barbra, Cher and fellow Canadian, Celine, thankfully, has “chops” that can hold up to the comparisons. With strong support from two exceptional back-up singers, Greg Clark and John James, and the marvelous Clifford Carter at the piano, she proceeded to knock song after pop/rock song &l...

  • Katie Hannigan

    Katie Hannigan View Profile

    Katie Hannigan is a Brooklyn based comic. Katie recently presented an original show in the NY Fringe Festival, The Comedienne Project, a stand up show with sketches examining the reception of women comedians. Katie also recently release Pin Up Yours! A satirical photo calendar poking fun at classic pin up portraits. Katie has been featured on The Oxygen Network, Laughs on Fox, and Good Day Ny....

  • Karen Hanover

    Karen Hanover View Profile

    Karen Hanover recently realized she hit middle age and is desperately clawing to youth.  Can you hear finger nails scratching as she slides down the wall into the abyss of senioritis?  As memory loss kicks in, Karen does her best to remember her jokes about hitting menopause, sagging skin, lack of vaginal muscle control, kids, dating and being “cool” (do they still use that t...

  • Bob Hansen

    Bob Hansen View Profile

    He's just being the best Bob he can be.   As seen in his documentary, "I Don't Belong Here," Bob is performing in New York City coming off his stint as a regular at the Comedy Store in La Jolla, CA. Since moving to NY he's performed in festivals across the south and been featured in Splitsider magazine. Bob is also a retired professional wrestler trained by WWE Hall of Famer Afa ...

  • Briana Hansen

    Briana Hansen View Profile

    Briana Hansen is a comedian, writer, author, and actress. When she's not pondering the meaning of life, she performs stand up, sketch, and improv comedy all over the city. If she's not on tour in the midwest or Virgin Islands (most recently), you can often catch her at Second City Hollywood with the show "After Dark Clark" or online with her HelloGiggles-featured web series "...

  • Natasha Pearl Hansen

    Natasha Pearl Hansen View Profile


    ROBERT HANSEN View Profile

    Although the extraordinary "gift" that allows him to "connect with the Other Side" did not fully awaken until he was in his 40's, Hansen has been on a "Path of Spirituality" all his life -- a unique path that is based on the integration of elements of both Eastern and Western spiritual perspectives. We invite you to join Psychic Medium, Robert Hansen, as he takes you on a journey through the o...

  • Ryan Hansinger

    Ryan Hansinger View Profile

    Ryan is a well-rounded comedian with a background in sketch, stand up, and improv comedy. He began his comedy career as head writer for his college sketch group. Since then he’s studied with Second City and UCB, written and produced numerous internet comedy shorts, and performs improv and stand up on a nightly basis. His passion for comedy and his continuous ability to produce fresh, original mate...

  • Rhonda Hansome

    Rhonda Hansome View Profile

    You may recognize Rhonda Hansome from the film “Pretty Woman” and from her television appearances on “Saturday Night Live”, “Caroline’s Comedy Hour”, “The Arsenio Hall Show”, “Showtime At The Apollo” and “The Joan Rivers Show”. Rhonda has been featured in The NYC Underground Comedy Festival and has opened for Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. She is an “Outstanding Comedian” Back...

  • Dave Hanson

    Dave Hanson View Profile

    Dave Hanson is a Los Angeles based Stand Up Comedian, Writer and Actor. Dave has been a writer and producer for television shows such as Chelsea Lately (E!), Beer:30 (Versus), Inside Sports...News You Can Almost Trust (Versus). Dave has also made several appereances on Chelsea Lately as a panel comedian and a sketch performer playing roles like Michael Lohan, Joe Biden and High Pitch Scr...

  • Mark Hapka

    Mark Hapka View Profile

  • Talia Harari

    Talia Harari View Profile

  • East Harbor

    East Harbor View Profile

  • Alex Harding

    Alex Harding View Profile

    Alex Harding was born on April 5, 1967 in Detroit, Michigan. At the age of six, Alex knew what he wanted to do in his lifetime: to be a musician. He started to pursue his dream. Alex started on Drums & a few years later after hearing Grover Washington Jr on the radio playing Mr. Magic Alex switched to the tenor sax. Mr. Harding took band classes in elementary, middle school & high school, ...

  • Gene Harding

    Gene Harding View Profile

    Gene Harding is a native New Yorker who decided to dumb-down his edgy Bronx style and move to South Florida.  And it paid off.  His uptown swag is now fused with a slow, almost retarded Florida flavor which brings a refreshing style of comedy to stages across the country. Winner of the 2010 South Beach Comedy Festival and various other local competitions, Gene charms his audie...

  • Chris Hardwick

    Chris Hardwick View Profile

    Chris Hardwick is a comedian, actor, TV host, author, writer, producer, podcaster and pop culture enthusiast. He is perhaps best known for his work on the two-time Emmy Award-winning Comedy Central show, @midnight, which he hosted throughout the duration of its 600 episodes. His widely popular podcast, Id10t, attracts some of the world’s most influential people including Sir Paul McCartne...

  • Dick Hardwick

    Dick Hardwick View Profile

    Dick Hardwick is one of the top corporate comedy acts in the country.  25 city tour with Reba McEntire, tours with Johnny Mathis, Kenny Chesney and others.   Two Around the World tours with Lee Greenwood & New England Patriot Cheerleaders for US Air Force Reserve,   "warm up" comedian for numerous TV shows and listed in Guinness Book of World ...

  • Chris Hardwick @Midnight Live

    Chris Hardwick @Midnight Live View Profile

    Chris Hardwick brings a live performance of his late-night Comedy Central show @Midnight, to the festival. Similar to the televised show, Chris will lead three celebrity contestants down the ultimate Internet wormhole. Culling from the darkest recesses of social media, the contestants will compete to determine who has the funniest take on the day's pop culture.   In addition to hosting ...

  • LA Hardy

    LA Hardy View Profile

  • Olivia Harewood

    Olivia Harewood View Profile

    If Tina Fey had a baby with Al Roker, Olivia Harewood would be that baby. If Olivia Harewood wasn't that baby, she would play that baby in a movie about that baby's life. If Olivia Harewood wasn't cast as the lead in the Fey-Roker baby biopic, she would be inconsolable.   Watching Olivia Harewood is like watching an exceptionally book-smart person get lost in the woods, try to build a fire w...

  • Hayes Hargrove

    Hayes Hargrove View Profile

     After several years performing in New York City, actor/comedian HAYES HARGROVE returned to his comedy roots in Los Angeles, where he had honed his sketch writing and improv skills with the famed GROUNDLINGS. Hayes also trained with UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE and recently hosted their signature show ASSSSCAT with members of SNL, 30 Rock, and Daily Show. Hayes is the creator/host of the hit sta...

  • Keith Harkin

    Keith Harkin View Profile

    Keith Harkin is an Irish singer songwriter and guitar playing minstrel who has been singing his way into the hearts of music lovers since the wee age of four. HIs musical talents have brought him across the world from the UK to Canada to Australia to America and back, over and over again in his past eight years touring. During his time touring the States, he gained recognition from Grammy A...

  • Jeff Harlan

    Jeff Harlan View Profile

  • C. J. Harlow

    C. J. Harlow View Profile

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